10th November 2019

  • Significant updates to cluster scaling and headroom allocation decision making

9th November 2019

  • Released multi-currency support. You can now pay using πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ GBP, πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USD or πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί EUR. A default is selected based on your location during registration
  • Fixed a few SFTP bugs for assets
  • A few style tweaks
  • Use newest logo in email headers and on invoices

5th November 2019

  • A few cosmetic changes to the project overview page
  • Updated styling and functionality for the environment bundle selector

4th November 2019

  • Changed the way environments are managed in the back end which will allow for dynamic environment provisioning in a future update

2nd November 2019

  • Released backup restore functionality. Allows rollback of database, assets, application commit and software versions as a single operation. (This feature is awesome)
  • Applied updated sliding-panel styling to domains list

31st October 2019

  • Released improved backups system and interface

30th October 2019

  • Fix for invalid backup scheduling parameters
  • Tweaks to default database memory allocations
  • Prevent import operations before a project has been successfully deployed for the first time (database needs to be initialised before we can import into it!)
  • Added `.gzip` to list of allowed file types for database imports
  • Improved database import error messaging
  • Create default assets directories within assets platform on project initialisation

29th October 2019

  • Fix for trial ending notification emails not being dispatched

28th October 2019

  • Released PHP base image v1.1.0 which includes a fix for CVE-2019-11043
  • More private beta emails sent out
  • Default deploy SSH key length changed to 2048 to appease BitBucket overlords
  • Fix scheduling for projects with a weekly backup schedule
  • Require explicit confirmation of intent to delete projects

26th October 2019

25th October 2019

  • Craft's 'modules' folder is now optional in directory mappings
  • Improved email template header
  • Removed a default setting of 'craft_' from the DB_TABLE_PREFIX environment variable
  • Improved log rotation on some supporting servers
  • Improvements to domain instructions and error messages
  • Created SSL documentation

23rd October 2019

  • First Private Beta emails sent out