28th March

  • New (much better) project deployment mechanism which incorporates updates for:
    • IP blacklisting
    • IP whitelisting
    • Scheduled tasks
    • Domains for staging environments
    • Dynamically provisioned additional environments
  • (Dashboard updates pending)
  • Significantly improved dashboard responsiveness
  • Allow users who are invited to a team to bypass GeoBlocking
  • Vastly improved log output for bundle creation tasks

16th March

  • Activated drip emails for new users
  • Cleaned up some unfortunate words in the project name generator
  • Fixed a bug which wouldn't keep external database access consistent when environments were enabled or disabled

13th March

  • Revamped transactional emails
  • Changed transactional email provider to AWS SES (previously Mailgun)
  • Created basis for a new drip email tutorial series for newly subscribed users

8th March

  • Initial support for arbitrary scheduled tasks (aka cron jobs)

19th February

  • Update project nginx containers to openresty to allow more advanced traffic routing logic
  • Improved static caching in preparation for fine grained static cache busting
  • Initial work on storage for manual database backups

12th February

  • All domains associated with a project now generate their own self-signed SSL certificates, no DNS needed. This allow Full encryption mode on CloudFlare without having to validate domain names in advance (very useful for existing site migrations)

10th February

  • Domains can be linked to projects before DNS records are created (so you can test using /etc/hosts entries) but SSL will not be enabled
  • Once DNS records have been validated SSL will be enabled and auto-https redirect will be enabled
  • You can now redirect from one domain to another (Requires Nginx 1.15 v1.0.24)
  • Fixed a randomly occurring issue with the Task Runner in which some tasks would fail, especially project syncs

6th February

  • Updated timeouts for detection of stalled instances to prevent VERY busy projects being killed unnecessarily. This was only causing problems during intense static site builds, but now it won't cause a problem anywhere.

19th January

  • Added free text search to repo list during project creation
  • Lots of docs + some demo videos πŸ‘Œ

18th January

  • Better dashboard response for environments which become disabled once a subscription ends β›”
  • Improved task runner task isolation and cleanup routines

16th January

  • Added management for Composer authentication tokens

11th January

  • Added backup and restore functionality for postgres

10th January

  • Added V1 postgres support for enterprise clients
  • Reconfigured background queue runners for Enhanced and Pro plans

7th January

  • Added yearly billing plans πŸ“…

5th January

  • Made a few tweaks to costs and features of plans
  • Added a new Plans and Pricing page to the marketing site
  • Updated styling for plan selection boxes throughout
  • A few task runner tweaks to improve task pickup speed

3rd January

  • Added a new demo video to the homepage

πŸŽ‰ 2020 πŸŽ‰

31st December

  • Attach invoices to payment notification emails πŸ’Œ
  • Allow billing notifications to be sent to additional email addresses (so your billing department can get a copy of invoices)

30th December

  • Allow users to update their name, email and password
  • Finally added a logout button

16th December

  • Deployed new, super-scalable, task runner infrastructure
  • Fixed a bug when creating a new project from a repo which has no 'master' branch

12th December

  • Added git to base images to allow composer to pull repo dependencies
  • Fixed a bug which caused webhook builds to use old base images

10th December

  • Release updated image optimisation service. This no longer gets upset about large result images
  • Warn users about projects which are approaching their deletion threshold (28 days inactive)
  • Automatically delete projects' data and assets when they reach their deletion threshold

4th December

  • Refactored network segregation

2nd December 2019

  • Added location selection to project creation flow to allow use of new US cluster in New York πŸ—½
  • Released PHP 7.4 base image

27th November 2019

  • Added permissive CORS headers to the Assets Platform CDN
  • Updated the Assets and Helpers Plugin to support image focal points and better match the crop/resize behaviour of Craft transforms πŸ–Ό

25th November 2019

  • Webhooks V1 released with support for GitHub and GitLab. Allows bundles to be created in response to push events on a specific branch and optional auto-deployment to a selected environment πŸ“¦
  • More assets documentation

22nd November 2019

  • Released client invites! This allows developers to invite their clients to Servd via a simplified onboarding flow which helps them to register, create a team, set up billing and invite you as a member of their team. No need to chase clients for hosting costs any more πŸŽ‰
  • Lots of Assets documentation

20th November 2019

  • Tweaked CPU throttling and PHP settings to better support bursts of traffic from static site generators

19th November 2019

  • Fixed a bug which occurred when bundles were built from a commit with an extra long commit message

18th November 2019

  • Made basic auth a configurable, per-environment setting because it doesn't play well with GraphQL which requires a Bearer token in the Auth header

17th November 2019

  • Fixed a bug when recording project hits and unique ip addresses. This should start showing something sensible now

16th November 2019

  • Updated all platform software
  • Improved resiliency of database storage

15th November 2019

  • Tracked down a 3rd party bug which was causing databases to be restarted during large SQL imports. Added temporary workaround until an upstream fix is available
  • Increased default database storage space to 5GB

14th November 2019

  • Fixed a bug which could appear with certain combinations of linebreaks in commit messages
  • Increased maximum DB upload filesize
  • Added a progress indicator to database uploads
  • Create some troubleshooting documentation for Git Submodules

13th November 2019

  • Released multi-member team support. You can send invites to new members via the Team Settings page. All team members will have access to all of the projects owned by the team
  • Teams can now be renamed so you can express yourself more readily

12th November 2019

10th November 2019

  • Significant updates to cluster scaling and headroom allocation decision making

9th November 2019

  • Released multi-currency support. You can now pay using πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ GBP, πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ USD or πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί EUR. A default is selected based on your location during registration
  • Fixed a few SFTP bugs for assets
  • A few style tweaks
  • Use newest logo in email headers and on invoices

5th November 2019

  • A few cosmetic changes to the project overview page
  • Updated styling and functionality for the environment bundle selector

4th November 2019

  • Changed the way environments are managed in the back end which will allow for dynamic environment provisioning in a future update

2nd November 2019

  • Released backup restore functionality. Allows rollback of database, assets, application commit and software versions as a single operation. (This feature is awesome)
  • Applied updated sliding-panel styling to domains list

31st October 2019

  • Released improved backups system and interface

30th October 2019

  • Fix for invalid backup scheduling parameters
  • Tweaks to default database memory allocations
  • Prevent import operations before a project has been successfully deployed for the first time (database needs to be initialised before we can import into it!)
  • Added .gzip to list of allowed file types for database imports
  • Improved database import error messaging
  • Create default assets directories within assets platform on project initialisation

29th October 2019

  • Fix for trial ending notification emails not being dispatched

28th October 2019

  • Released PHP base image v1.1.0 which includes a fix for CVE-2019-11043
  • More private beta emails sent out
  • Default deploy SSH key length changed to 2048 to appease BitBucket overlords
  • Fix scheduling for projects with a weekly backup schedule
  • Require explicit confirmation of intent to delete projects

26th October 2019

25th October 2019

  • Craft's 'modules' folder is now optional in directory mappings
  • Improved email template header
  • Removed a default setting of 'craft_' from the DB_TABLE_PREFIX environment variable
  • Improved log rotation on some supporting servers
  • Improvements to domain instructions and error messages
  • Created SSL documentation

23rd October 2019

  • First Private Beta emails sent out