Outbound Static IP

When Craft is sending traffic to an external API or payment gateway, it's often useful to have a single, stable IP address from which that traffic originates. This allows the use of an IP whitelist on the receiving end to ensure your account on the third party isn't accessible by the entire internet.

As Servd is a load balanced platform and can send traffic from many different servers, this isn't the default behaviour.

However, if you require a static IP for outbound connections you can enable it with a simple switch:

  1. Ensure you are using a bundle which was built after the 20th May 2022

  2. Visit the Project Settings > Access Control page in the Servd Dashboard

  3. Enable 'Use Static IP for Outbound Traffic'

  4. Copy the IP address which is displayed. You can use this in whitelists in 3rd party services

Once enabled this option will inject some custom Guzzle config into your project (whilst maintaining any that might already exist) to ensure traffic is routed via a stable outbound IP.

This configuration will automatically be used by Craft and any plugins or modules which use a Guzzle client instantiated the Craft::createGuzzleClient() function.

If you are not using this function to create a Guzzle client for outbound communication, let us know and we can help get you configured appropriately.