Frequently Asked Questions

What is Servd?

Servd is a hosting platform designed specifically for Craft CMS.

We believe that you shouldn't need to take an online course in Server Management just to get your site live (or fix it when it breaks). So we do hosting a little differently - you focus on your application, Servd will take care of the rest.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! All new projects have a 7 day free trial in which you can set up your Craft website in a staging environment to check that everything will work.

This trial is applicable to all newly created projects, so every website can be set up and tested before you commit to a paid plan.

The trial is limited to a single staging environment only, but because our environments are practically identical, if it works in staging, it'll work in production.

What versions of Craft does Servd support?

We currently support Craft 3.x, Craft 4.x and Craft 5.x.

What databases do you support?

Previously we used a mix of MariaDB 10 and 11 for all projects, but as Craft 5 has dropped support for MariaDB, we have switched to using MySQL 8 as our primary database driver. New projects created today will be run on MySQL.

We currently do not support Postgres databases for regular projects.

If you're an enterprise customer who has special requirements for a project, get in touch!

Why can't I choose the size of my server?

Servd is application-first instead of server-first. We don't force you to choose a specific server configuration up-front. Instead, every instance of a project is given a guaranteed set of resources to use within our platform. You can then scale your application into multiple instances, each with their own resources.

This approach provides you with the ability to scale your project without having to worry about server capacity, load balancing, high availability and all the complexities that that introduces. It's all taken care of for you.

What kind of projects can I deploy on Servd?

If it runs in Craft 3, 4 or 5, it can be deployed to Servd; from traditional builds to GraphQL APIs.

You can use any plugins from the plugin store and you can also include custom plugins and modules, however there are limitations on the operating system components that are available for use.

If you need something specific that isn't included as part of Servd's base software you can always request it! In some circumstances we can even create custom base software configurations for very fussy projects.

Is a Craft license included?

Unfortunately not. If you want to use the Pro or Enterprise versions of Craft you'll still need to purchase a license in the normal way. Before you do, make sure you understand which license key is currently in use on your project.

Where are you based?

We're based in the UK but work remotely.

Our clusters are geographically distributed so you can host your project close to your customers.

We currently have clusters in:

  • The Netherlands
  • The USA

Do you offer custom plans?

We can! And you should get in touch with us to discuss. We'd love to hear what you're working on.

Hit us up on live chat or drop us an email: