License Keys

Every project created on the Servd platform will have a brand new license key generated for it, which is linked to the email address of the user that created the project.

This license will be injected into all the instances of your application to make sure Craft doesn't auto-generate multiple different licenses (which is Craft's default behaviour in a HA environment!).

If you'd like to use your own license key, that's perfectly acceptable and encouraged. You can do it in three ways, any of which will replace the license key generated by Servd.

Hard Code Into index.php #

Craft allows you to hard code your license key as a constant in your index.php file using the constant name CRAFT_LICENSE_KEY.

Although this method is available, it is also inflexible and will give anyone with read access to your project's repo access to your license key. Only use this method if you have to.

Add license.key to Your Git Repo #

By checking your license.key file into your project's repo it will be added to every instance of your application on the Servd platform.

This method will make your license key accessible by anyone who has read access to your repo, but is a little more flexible than hard-coding as you don't have to make code changes to update it.

Add The License Key To Your Project's Settings #

This option is both flexible and secure. The license key will only be visible to members of your Servd team. You can also update the license key at any time without having to commit changes to your project's repo.

To add a license key to your project's settings:

  1. Ensure your project isn't overriding the default CRAFT_LICENSE_KEY_PATH location

  2. Select the project in the Servd dashboard

  3. Navigate to your project's Craft Config page.

  4. Enter the contents of your license key file into the license key field

  5. Click 'Save'