Hosting, tailored to Craft CMS

One of the greatest things about the web is the ease with which we can create something unique and share what we've built with the entire world with just a few clicks.

This accessibility of sharing is why I fell in love with the web as a medium when I first started coding twenty years ago.

In that period many tools have been created to help us build increasingly complex things, but often with the consequence of further increasing the bredth of knowledge that a developer needs in order to successfully progress from idea to a final URL.

Craft CMS is one such tool. It has provided the opportunity to rapidly develop complex websites and applications whilst maintaining complete freedom over their presentation. However in doing so it has inevitably introduced a few requirements around server setup and project deployment.

I have found Craft to be such an invaluable tool that I believe it should be easily accessible to anyone, from any background. Developers, designers and hobbyists. To make this a reality I am building Servd - a serverless hosting platform, tailored to Craft CMS.

My aim is to make deploying and maintaining Craft projects as easy as it is to build them. For beginners right through to big digital agencies. No server knowledge will be required.

I'm excited to share my ideas with the community - I want you to help me shape the platform and make it yet another enviable part of the Craft CMS ecosystem. If you'd like to get involved, submit a private beta request using the form below and I'll drop you a line.

- Matt Gray 👌

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