Craft CMS hosting for 1-9x developers

Get all the Craft best practices without needing to configure a single thing.

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You'll love it because...

Built for Craft CMS

From infrastructure to asset management, Servd is built around Craft best practices.

Automated backups

No sleepless nights for you! Automated backups can be restored with a single click.

High Availability

Load balance traffic over multiple instances of your app. No config required.

Assets Management

We'll take care of uploaded assets. We'll even optimise all those images for you.

Static Caching

Speed freak? Activate static caching for ultimate TTFB goodness.

Deploy from Git

You take care of the Git, we'll take care of everything else. Just `git push` and go.

Public affection

"I enjoyed testing out @ServdHosting with @mattgrayisok earlier this week! It's shaping up really well - low friction #craftcms deployments and high performance! 💯! Definitely worth a look if you're building and hosting Craft sites"

Scott Wakefield - Club Studio

"Craft specific, hassle-free hosting. Which enabled me to have my site online within minutes... What's not to like?!"

Phil Huggan - Hitmarker

"Servd was so magical to get my staging site up and running. I'm going to get production spun up tomorrow!"

Scot Mortimer - Vooks




per month

25,000 visitors

2GB assets

2 CPUs

Redis cache

Weekly backups

We all gotta' start somewhere

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per month

75,000 visitors

5GB assets

3.5 CPUs

Background tasks

Daily backups

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per month

200,000 visitors

10GB assets

5 CPUs

✨As popular as the Prom Queen✨

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