Addons allow you to apply boosts to your project's currently selected subscription plan.

Adding an Addon #

You can add an addon to your plan at any time.

If you activate an addon while you are outside of a paid plan, your settings will be saved and applied to the next paid subscription period.

If you are currently within a paid plan you will be charged immediately and the addon will be added to your currently active plan.

Removing an Addon #

You can remove an addon at any time. Removing or decreasing the quantity of an addon will be saved within the project's settings and will come into effect on the project's next subscription renewal.

Proration #

During initial purchase, the cost of an addon is prorated based on the amount of time remaining within the project's active subscription period. If the project is currently 60% of its way through its current subscription period the initial addon cost will be decreased by 60%. (A minimum charge of [£,$,€] 1 applies.)

If you activate an addon for an annual subscription the initial charge will cover the purchase of the addon for the entirety on the subscription period (12 months) but will also be prorated based on any already elapsed portion of the annual subscription.

Available Addons #

Here are the addons currently available on Servd: