Asset Platform Boost Addon

The Asset Platform Boost addon raises several limits related to the Servd Asset Platform. You can apply multiple boosts, with each one giving you:

  • 10GB asset storage.
  • 3 million asset requests.
  • 400GB of image download bandwidth.
  • 100GB of video streaming bandwidth.

This addon can be applied multiple times.

Applying this addon #

To add this addon to your project, do the following:

  1. Visit the "Addons" section your project's Plan page.

  2. Under the "Asset Platform Boost" row, click the "+" and "-" buttons to add or remove boosts.

  3. Click the "Apply" button on the same row to view the price breakdown (no change will be made or charge taken at this point)

  4. Click the confirm button to apply the addon. This will take a charge from your team's billing card and then immediately perform a sync afterwards to deploy the upgrade.