Announcing: SMTP Integration

Posted: 30th Sep 2021

Most Craft sites don't send many emails, but those they do send can be very important:

  • Password reset emails
  • Commerce invoices
  • Important event notifications

So setting up a reliable email delivery mechanism is a critical task, even if the site is only sending 1 or 2 emails per month.

Many developers use a 3rd party email provider to achieve this - something like MailGun or PostMark. But this needs extra work, extra accounts and potentially an extra bill to pay if the client goes over the service's free usage tier.

Our aim has always been to try to make hosting well-configured Craft CMS sites easy, so we decided to get this fixed.

We've integrated with ElasticEmail to provide 200 emails per month to all projects hosted on Servd for free. Not only that, but it can all be configured directly from the Servd dashboard, so there's only one place you need to visit for all of your projects' configuration details.

If your project grows and you need to send more emails, you can also buy an addon to your Servd plan which allows you to send more emails per month, so all of your project's billing remains consolidated into a single monthly payment.

Finally - we take the deliverability of your emails seriously, so we surface all of the DNS records you need to set up SPF, DKIM and DMARC directly in the Servd dashboard with a handy tool to check they're set up correctly. If you've connected your project to a CloudFlare account, we'll even set those DNS records for you!

To get started, just visit the Project Settings > SMTP page in the Servd dashboard.

Let us know what you think!