Managing Notifications

Servd will send notifications related to your Teams and Projects in specific circumstances. These can be managed via a combination of:

  • Channels: methods via which we can send notifications
  • Subscriptions: which notifications go to which channels

Adding a Channel #

New channels can be added by Team Managers on the Team Settings page in the Servd dashboard.

  1. Visit the Team Settings page in the Servd dashboard.

  2. At the bottom of the 'Notification Channels' panel, select a 'Type' for the new channel, give it a name, and add the appropriate configuration values as requested. (See below for detailed instructions on individual types)

  3. Click the 'Add' button to add the new channel to your Team.

Newly added channels will begin without any active notification subscriptions.

Configuring Subscriptions #

Any channel added to a team can subscribe to receive notifications related to the team or any of its projects. Subscribing a channel to a notification is as simple as checking the appropriate box within the Notification Subscriptions panel and hitting 'Save'.

Notification Subscription panels can be found on the Team Settings page for team related notifications, and on the Project Settings > Notifications page for individual project notifications.

Notifications are grouped into categories to allow you to easily add/remove groups of related notifications to/from channels. These can be expanded to apply more fine grained selections.

Setting Default Project Notifications #

Once you have configured a set of notifications subscriptions on a project that you're happy with, you will likely want to use the same configuration for all of your future projects created within the same Team on Servd. To make this easy, you can save a default notification subscription configuration which will automatically be applied to any projects created in the future.

To create or update a Team's default project notification subscriptions, simply visit a project which has the setup that you are happy with and click the 'Set Defaults' button. Note that this can only be performed by users with Team Management permissions.

Copying Notification Subscriptions #

You can also copy notification subscriptions between projects within the same team. This can be done by visiting the Project Settings > Notifications page for the project whose subscriptions you would like to update and using the 'Import notifications from' form to select another project to copy settings from.

Configuring an Email Channel #

When adding a new Email channel, the only configuration required is the email address that you'd like us to send notifications to.

If we receive a hard bounce for a specific email, the channel will be muted automatically.

Configuring a Slack Channel #

Slack notification channels require a 'webhook' which allows us to post notifications to your desired Slack workspace.

Step by step instructions for creating a webhook URL can be found here:

Muting a Channel #

If you want to disable a channel entirely, but don't want to change its subscriptions, you can 'mute' the channel from the Team Settings page in the Servd dashboard.

Muting a channel will immediately stop all notifications from being sent to it. You can unmute the channel whenever you like to resume notifications.