Announcing: Feature Suggestions

Posted: 2nd Nov 2021

The Servd community are a great bunch of people, undeniably.

Friendly, creative, and especially talented. We love chatting with them day-to-day, and seeing all the amazing projects they host with us. Listening to their hopes, dreams and pain-points is what has got Servd to where it is today.

We want to make it as easy as possible to understand what's important to our users, which is why we've just pushed the new Suggestions section to the Servd dashboard.

In there, you'll be able see suggestions from other Servd users, upvote the ones you like and also submit your own. We'll be regularly reviewing submissions, particularly the popular ones, and will keep them updated with where they sit in our roadmap.

We're really looking forward to hearing everyone's ideas. From the small UX tweaks to the big, bold moonshots. 🚀

Happy suggesting!