Announcing: Manual Backups

Posted: 16th Mar 2022

We've supported automated backups since our platform was first launched. These have been a real safety net on more than one occasion! But there was always the chance of losing some data if you had to roll back to the last automated snapshot.

Today we've added the ability to trigger backups manually directly from the Servd dashboard. This can be used to grab a copy of the project's state before performing a particularly dangerous Craft update, or maybe to create a restore point before testing out some new functionality or a feature branch.

Your manual backups don't expire, so you can keep them around for as long as you need, and they work in exactly the same way as our existing automated backups, so you can Restore them, or download the associated SQL from within the Servd dashboard.

Because these backups hang around forever, we've added a limit to the number of backup 'slots' each project has access to. Currently these stand at 1 for Starter, 2 for Enhanced and 3 for Pro (but we might bump these up a little depending on how they end up being used by our users).

Hopefully this new feature will calm some of the nerves we've all experienced with significant Craft or Project Config updates!

As always, if you have any feedback - hit us up on Live Chat or drop us an email.

Stay safe 🕊