Changing Renewal Dates

If you have multiple projects on Servd, you might be interested in simplifying your internal expense tracking. Currently, projects which are set to renew on the same day will be taken out as a single charge.

If your projects don't currently renew on the same day, and you'd like to update them to do so, try following these quick steps:

  1. Go to your team's billing page.

  2. From the dropdown in the "Change Renewal Day" section, select the day of the month you'd like your projects to renew.

  3. Click the "Change" button.

  4. You'll then be shown a cost breakdown. It details how much will be charged to move each project forward to the next day of the month you selected. This means your projects will renew further in the future than currently scheduled. The amounts of each line item are prorated from their recurring cost and how many days they are being moved by.

  5. Click the "Confirm & Pay" button.

  6. Finally, a charge will taken from your team's card. Once that succeeds, your projects' renewals will be updated.

Currently, if you upgrade a new project's plan, their renewal day will be the day of the month you upgraded. If you'd like to realign the renewal dates, simply follow the above process again.