When will I be charged?

When you subscribe to a new plan

If you're subscribing to a plan on a project for the first time, or you are restarting a subscription after a previous one lapsed, you will be charged the full pending amount immediately.

When you upgrade a plan

If you move from one plan to another with a higher cost you will be immediately charged the full amount for the new plan minus the cost of your old plan prorated by the amount of time you have remaining in your current subscription period.


If you are paying monthly and change to a new plan on day 15 of a 30 day month we will subtract 50% of your original plan's monthly fee from the new plan's charge.

When you downgrade a plan

If you move from one plan to another with a lower cost we will only implement the change once you come to the end of your current subscription period. At that point we will move the project onto the lower cost plan and take payment as usual.

During the time between selecting a lower cost plan and the end of your subscription period your project will still have all the features of the higher cost plan.

When a subscription renews

All subscriptions will automatically renew unless cancelled or modified within the Servd dashboard. We wait until immediately after your current subscription period ends before taking payment for the next period.

If this payment fails your project will enter a grace period of 3 days in which we will continue to attempt to take the payment. We'll also let you know via email that something might be wrong.

After 3 days we'll stop trying to take payments and the project will go offline.