Free Trial

Every new project created on Servd gets a free trial period. The free trial can be extended for as long as it takes to get your site up and running.

This allows you to test out the Servd platform and make sure it fits with your development workflow before committing to a paid plan.

How do I extend a project's trial? #

A trial can be extended by visiting the Plan page for the project in question. If your trial is about to expire you will be able to extend it by clicking the link in the prompt that appears at the top of the page. We'll also notify you before a trial expires so that it doesn't elapse without you being aware.

How does a trial differ from a paid plan? #

  • Projects within a free trial are only able to use a single Staging environment which is protected by a Basic Auth by default.
  • Resource use is capped so performance will be lower than on a paid plan if you are performing any CPU or memory intensive tasks.
  • Trial projects are only able to attach a single domain name to their staging environment.

Each Servd team can only have two projects on trial at any one time. If you need this limit raising just reach out and let us know why so we can adjust it for you.