Announcing: Advanced Log Output

Posted: 17th Mar 2022

When you're trying to figure out exactly why a request threw a 500 error, the best place to start is usually the Craft logs. But they can be a little difficult to quickly get to grips with, having no indication of which bits are important, and no clear indication of which lines should be grouped together.

We wanted to make this process a little easier, and the work we've recently done to improve the Logs viewer in the Servd dashboard was a good step in that direction.

Today we've released a new feature which further improves the way you can interact with Logs coming from Craft within your projects: Advanced Log Output.

Enabling this mode will make Craft output its logs to display within Servd using a special format which makes it much easier for us to parse and understand them, enabling us to do some nice things like:

  • Grouping multiline output into a single, expandable log entry
  • Colour coding warnings and exceptions
  • Grouping and collapsing stack trace below their associated exception trigger

All of this work is done for you with no changes needed to your project's code. Simply enable Advanced Log Output on the Logs page in the Servd dashboard:

Any logs sent to external services should remain unaffected so no need to worry about breaking any 3rd party integrations, but we have kept this feature opt-in, just in case it causes any problems that we didn't anticipate.

The extra context we can gather using this mode will also help us to further improve the insights we can provide into how your project is running, and we'll be adding some more, related features soon.

Happy debugging!