Announcing: Volume Discounts

Posted: 21st Sep 2021

As Servd has grown over the last year we've seen freelancers and agencies adopt us as their preferred platform for hosting Craft CMS client projects. In some cases this has meant moving 10 - 20 individual projects over to our platform that were previously self-hosted and managed individually.

We know that making the decision to switch to a new primary host isn't an easy decision and it can take a lot of work to get your internal processes updated to work with the new solution. So we're always appreciative when a company feels confident enough in our platform to make that change.

To say thanks to those who have trusted us as the home for their existing and upcoming client projects, we're introducing volume discounts for teams which contain several subscribed projects.

From this point forward, any Servd Team with at least 10 subscribed projects will receive a 10% discount on all payments (subscriptions, addons, spike protection etc). Teams with 20 subscribed projects will receive a 15% discount.

These discounts will help freelancers and agencies who re-sell Servd's hosting solution to their own clients to benefit directly from all of their active projects, and do so on a recurring monthly basis.

There are already several Servd Teams benefiting from this change who have increased the value of every project which they've chosen to host with us.

Volume discounts are applied automatically once a Team has 10 subscribed projects within their account so there's nothing needed to start benefiting from this change - just keep adding projects and their value to you will grow over time.