Asset Platform V3

Posted: 25th Apr 2023

Servd has always aimed to be a one-stop-shop for hosting your Craft CMS projects, and part of that is providing storage and transforms for your uploaded assets via our Asset Platform.

Version 1 of the Asset Platform only lasted a few months. It was a proof of concept that we quickly outgrew.

Version 2 is the system you're likely currently using. It had a multitude of improvements, the primary one being scale - V2 of our asset platform is currently responsible for storing 10 million files, generating 30 million different image transforms, and delivering 50TB of downloads per month.

It has proved itself a worthy solution over the last couple of years, but it does have some shortcomings. To address these, we've been working on the Servd Asset Platform V3 and we're excited to start getting projects onboarded.

What's New?

No point re-inventing the wheel, unless you re-invent it better. The new Asset Platform comes with the following benefits:

  • Significantly faster image transforms.
  • Custom domains for files and image transforms, managed via the Servd dashboard.
  • Nicer default domains: 👌
  • Support for fully private assets.
  • Access Keys and Secrets no longer expire after 24 hours.
  • S3 bucket per project = many less bugs in S3 GUI applications (Transmit, Cyberduck etc).
  • If you go over your storage limit, we block uploads but still allow deletions, so you can clean up files to bring your usage back down.
  • Improved geographic distribution of caches and transform functions.
  • Better cache hit ratios, your files spend more time in the CDN edge cache.


New projects will start their life on the Asset Platform V3 so no action is necessary. Older projects can upgrade from the Project Settings > Assets page in the Servd dashboard.

We have an upgrade guide available here.

Be sure to read the information carefully before upgrading and, if you need any help, feel free to drop us a message and we'd be happy to help!