Manage your Contact Preferences

Posted: 27th Oct 2021

We all strive for inbox-zero, but that can be difficult when people keep sending you loads of emails.

Perhaps you aren't interested in receiving billing emails for every single client team that you're helping to manage?

So we've added the ability to define your own contact preferences on a per-team and per-project basis, all managed directly within the Servd dashboard.

Simply login and visit the User Settings page where you'll see a new Contact Preferences section. Deselect the emails that you don't want to receive and we'll stop sending them to you!

We're also switching all of our emails from formatted HTML over to a simple, rich-text format which we hope will look a little more at home in your inbox.

For an in depth description of each email category, you can read through the docs here.

Unfortunately, we can't help with all of the other emails clogging up your inbox, but we hope this change makes things just a little more manageable 💌