What Happens If I Exceed My Assets Storage Limit?

Our goal is to make hosting your Craft site easy and hassle-free. If we just disabled your site willy-nilly that wouldn't feel very hassle-free. So we take a gentle approach to these things.

In the background we're always keeping an eye on how much you're using and we'll update your project's current storage use on its Plan page so you can keep track too.

If you exceed your Assets Platform storage limit nothing will happen immediately. After a short amount of time the following will occur:

  1. We'll prevent Craft from uploading new files, but you will still be able to delete existing files.
  2. An alert will get sent to us to let us know you might need a bit of assistance.
  3. If a period of time passes in which the storage usage does not decrease or continues to increase we'll reach out to you to resolve the issue.

What if I need to store more assets than my plan allows?

You can always upgrade your plan to a higher tier which will give you more storage space. Alternatively you can use your own object storage solution, such as AWS S3 or GCS. Keep in mind that if you do use a 3rd party solution, you will not be able to make use of Servd's asset migration and rollback functionality.

If none of those options feel good to you, then get in touch and we can figure something out.