Manage Assets Using Cyberduck

To connect to the Servd Assets Platform using Cyberduck

  1. Ensure that your installed version of Cyberduck is up to date.

  2. In the Servd dashboard navigate to Project Settings > Assets. Click the 'Generate New Access Key' button. We'll be using these details in a moment so keep this page open.

  3. In CyberDuck click 'Open Connection'

  4. Use the following settings:

    Connection Type: Amazon S3
    Port: 443
    Access Key ID: ACCESS KEY ID from the Servd dashboard
    Secret Access Key: ACCESS KEY SECRET from the Servd dashboard

    Expand More Options

    Path: cdn-assets-servd-host/[PREFIX]/ (substitute [PREFIX] for the value from the Servd dashboard)

  5. If you do not see 'More Options' within the connection dialog, please try the 'Add a Bookmark' button instead. Some versions of Cyberduck are missing the 'Path' field in the standard 'Open Connection' popup.

  6. Click 'Connect' and you should see a listing of your Servd environments. Place your assets inside these directories as appropriate.