Manage Assets Using Transmit

To connect to the Servd Assets Platform using Transmit

  1. Ensure that your installed version of Transmit is up to date.

  2. In the Servd dashboard navigate to Project Settings > Assets. Click the 'Generate New Access Key' button. We'll be using these details in a moment so keep this page open.

  3. In Transmit find the new connection dialog

  4. Use the following settings:

    Connection Type: Backblaze B2
    Access Key ID: ACCESS KEY ID from the Servd dashboard
    Secret Access Key: ACCESS KEY SECRET from the Servd dashboard

    Click 'Connect'

  5. Once connected use the Go > Go to Folder menu option and enter

    cdn-assets-servd-host/[PREFIX-FROM DASHBOARD]/

    This will look as if it has done nothing, but it has done something.

  6. Expand the 'cdn-assets-servd-host' bucket and you should see a list of folders for each of your project's environments. You can place your files inside these.