Bulk Uploading To The Servd Asset Platform

If you're migrating a site over to Servd, then you'll likely want to bulk upload assets over to the Servd Asset Platform. Every paid plan on Servd includes gigabytes of asset storage, along with access to our Asset Transformation service.

Here's a few steps to help you get your assets uploaded:

  1. Install a file transfer tool that supports Backblaze/S3 connections. Popular ones include Cyberduck, Transmit, s3cmd and AWS CLI.

  2. Go to your project's Asset Settings.

  3. Click the "Generate New Access Key" button to create a set of access credentials to the Servd Asset Platform.

  4. Connect to the Servd Asset Platform. Here are a few tool-specific guides:

  5. Before we start uploading our assets, it's worth taking note of a few things:

    • There are local, staging and production directories already present on the Asset Platform. These correspond to the different environments of your project.
    • It's important to keep the directory structure of your assets the same as your old volume. This will avoid having to re-index all your assets, which can take a long time for remote volumes.
    • If you are uploading assets from multiple volumes, you'll need to supply a "subfolder" for each volume's settings page. Otherwise your files will all get mixed up in the same directory.
    • Your project has an asset storage limit, which all your environments share. Visit your project's plan page to track your current usage. What happens if I exceed the asset storage limit?
  6. Use your file transfer tool to upload your assets into on of the environment directories. This will likely take a few minutes depending on the number of assets being uploaded.

    If you're getting your project set up for the first time, we'd recommend putting them in the directory that corresponds to tge environment you're currently setting up, likely local or staging.