Manage Assets Using rclone

You can use rclone to upload assets from your local machine or transfer assets from another remote storage location during a project migration to Servd.

Add Servd's Asset Platform as an rclone 'remote' #

  1. Install rclone on your local machine if it isn't already installed

  2. In a command prompt, enter `rclone config` to start rclone's config tool

  3. Select option `n` for New Remote

  4. Give it a name, something like `myproject-servd` would be good

  5. For the storage type, choose `Amazon S3 Compliant Storage Providers` (normally option `5`)

  6. For the provider, choose `Wasabi Object Storage` (normally option `29`)

  7. For env_auth, choose option `1`: `Enter AWS credentials`

  8. Open the Servd Dashboard and visit the Project Settings > Assets page. Click the Get Access Key button to show an Access Key ID and Secret. Copy and paste these into the rclone config prompts

  9. For the region, select option `1`: `use v4 signatures and an empty region`

  10. For the endpoint, select the option which matches the region shown on the Assets page in the Servd Dashboard

  11. The Location Constraint value can be left blank, so just hit return

  12. For ACL, select option `1`: `No one else has access rights`

  13. No need to edit advanced config unless you have a specific reason to do so, so enter `n`

  14. Enter `y` to save your new remote!

Now that rclone is set up to connect to the Servd Asset Platform you can start moving files around.

If you are migrating a project from another host to Servd, you may want to add the old host's storage as another remote - allowing you to copy files directly between storages.

Some Example Commands #

All of the following examples assume you've called your Servd rclone remote myproject-servd and your servd asset platform bucket is named servd-bucket-name. You can find the real bucket name for your project in the Servd Dashboard.

Copy the contents of the current directory up to the Servd Asset Platform's production directory

rclone copy --size-only --progress --transfers=20 . myproject-servd:servd-bucket-name/production/

Copy directly from another storage bucket into the Servd Asset Platform's production directory

This assumes you've created an rclone remote for the old storage called myproject-oldstorage and it is using a bucket called old-bucket

rclone copy --size-only --progress --transfers=20 myproject-oldstorage:old-bucket/ myproject-servd:servd-bucket-name/production/