Servd Plugin Integrations

The Servd Plugin integrates with multiple common Craft CMS plugins to provide an easier experience building on Servd.

Imager-X #

The plugin contains storage and transform adapters for ImagerX. These allow you to use the ImagerX template syntax whilst utilising Servd's Asset Platform for storage, optimisation and transformation of your images.

View our Imager X Integration doc page for more information.

ImageOptimize #

The plugin contains a transform adaptor for the craft-imageoptimize plugin. Simply select 'Servd' as the active transformer in ImageOptimize's settings and ensure it isn't being overridden by an imageoptimize.php config file.

If you'd like to pre-generate resized images (not really necessary and can slow down the Craft CP) add the ImageOptimize Optimized Images Field to the Servd Asset Volume's fieldset.

Feedme #

By default, the Feedme plugin will only write logs directly to the filesystem. This can be problematic when using a load balanced instances or when running on ephemeral filesystems, both of which are the case with Servd. In order to ensure you still have easy access to your Feedme logs the Servd Plugin has the ability to force Feedme to also write its logs to the standard log output, where Servd can collect them and display them in the Servd dashboard.

You can enable this functionality by flipping the Send feedme logs to Craft's standard log output switch in the Servd plugin's settings.