Using the Servd Plugin Locally

The plugin contains several features which aim to make local development a smoother process and save you time.

Force Local Volumes for Assets #

You can force the use of local volumes when working outside of Servd to make development work a little quicker. To do so, just flip the Use Local Volumes During Dev switch in the plugin settings. This will convert all Servd Asset Volumes into Local Volumes during local dev, but keep them unchanged when running inside Servd itself. This setting also ensures that the Local Volume override does not leak into any Project Config files or database data which might inadvertently break the staging or production environment.

This setting is very useful if you have multiple developers working on a single project and they all need to keep track of their own sets of assets. It also ensures that assets used during local development do not count towards your Servd Asset Platform usage total.

This setting ignores the Assets Volume Environment setting (see Forcing a Specific Environment above) and will be applied regardless of any value added there.

Database and Asset Syncing #

The Servd plugin comes with a bunch of useful console commands that can let you

  • Pull the contents of a remote Servd database into your local database.
  • Push the contents of your local database to a remote Servd database.
  • Pull assets from a remote Servd environment into your local project.
  • Push the assets from your local project up to a remote Servd environment.

To read more about them, check out the Console Commands documentation.