Team Domains

Agencies who have multiple projects hosted on Servd may want to use a subdomains of a single registered domain across multiple projects. For example

Rather than requiring you to add the individual subdomains as Primary Domains to all projects (and therefore require the Primary Domain Addon to ensure there are enough slots) we can set up a Team Domain for you.

Team Domains are similar to a Primary Domain, however they are managed at the Team level and can be applied to any project within the Servd Team. This allows you to register a single wildcard domain to use over multiple projects.

We recommend using a Servd specific domain to allow us to take full control over the SSL generation process for the (sub)domain and its wildcard subdomains.

The following are good examples:




If you are interested in setting up a Team Domain for your Servd Team, reach out via our live chat or drop an email to and we can walk you through the setup process.