Redirect Domains

The number of Primary Domains that a Servd project can use is limited, but often a project will have multiple domains that only need to redirect to a Primary domain and do nothing more. We call these 'Redirect Domains' and you can add as many as you need to the Servd Platform.

Adding a Redirect Domain #

  1. Visit the Project Settings > Domains page in the Servd dashboard.

  2. In the Redirect Domains panel, use the 'Add a Redirect Domain' form to enter a Domain (where you'd like to redirect from) and a Redirect To value (where you'd like to redirect to).

  3. Click 'Add'

  4. Copy the IP address shown within the details at the top of the Redirect Domains panel. Add this as a DNS 'A' record to the domain being redirected.

  5. Wait a few moments for the DNS update to propagate, then click the Validate DNS button next to the redirect domain in the list.

  6. Once the DNS has been confirmed, a new SSL certificate will be generated and your domain will begin redirecting straight away.

Redirect Domains and Cloudflare #

Proxying a redirect domain via Cloudflare will prevent our DNS validation from completing - you will see an error stating that AAAA records are set for the domain. In this situation you can either:

1. Disable cloudflare proxying on the domain, wait two minutes, then perform the validation again

2. Set up your redirect in Cloudflare instead! You can use a Cloudflare Page Rule, set to use a Forwarding URL. This allows you to safely remove the Redirect Domain from Servd.