Add a Domain (Legacy)

The following documentation refers to functionality in use by older projects on our platform.

When you first create a project on Servd you'll be provided with a vanity URL to access your site. These URLs are intended to make your life easier when you're getting set up but you'll likely want to replace them before your project goes live to the public.

Add a Custom Domain #

  1. Navigate to your project's Domains page.

  2. Within the 'Domains' section, enter the domain name that you'd like to associate with your project and choose an environment which this domain should point to.

  3. Click 'Add'.

  4. Click 'Sync' to deploy your changes.

Verifying a Domain #

Once a domain has been added it will default to using a self-signed SSL certificate when accessed via https. This should work fine for testing or if your site is being accessed via Cloudflare.

In order to create a production-ready SSL certificate you'll first need to verify the domain.

  1. Navigate to your project's Domains page.

  2. Set up DNS records with your DNS provider as per the instructions on the Domains page.

  3. Click 'Check DNS Records' next to the domain that you'd like to verify.

  4. Servd will check to make sure the DNS records for your domain look ok. If they do the domain will be verified.

  5. Click 'Sync' to deploy your changes and generate a production-ready SSL certificate.