Download a Database Backup / Dump

If you need to get a copy of your staging or production database data to import into your local environment, or to move your project away from Servd, you have a few options.

Download a backup from the Servd Dashboard #

Servd takes regular backups of your database which you can download from the Backups page under each of your environments. On this page you'll find a list of all of the backups which are still available.

To download a database dump associated with the backup, click the download icon on the right hand side of the page.

Download a dump from the Craft Control Panel #

You can download a dump of the current database state from the Craft Control Panel at any time. Simply log into the Control Panel for the environment that you're interested in and visit the Utilities > Database Backup page. Make sure the 'Download backup' check box is checked and click Download!

Download a dump by connecting directly to your project's database #

You can connect directly to your project's database using a local mysql client (such as mysql, mysqldump or a database GUI client) and download a database dump using the functionality of your chosen tool.

First, you'll need to enable external access to your database. You can do that on the Project Settings > Access Control page in the Servd dashboard.

Once enabled you can use the connection details on the same page to connect to either your staging or production database and grab a copy.

Sync your local database with one of your Servd environments #

The Servd Plugin includes some helpful CLI commands which will pull the database for one of your project's environments down into your local development database. You can read more about that in the plugin documentation in the Local Development section.