Restart All Instances

Every now and again, things don't go to plan. Rogue PHP processes and SQL queries might start misbehaving and cause your project to become unresponsive. When this happens, it can help to turn everything off and on again.

Warnings #

Before proceeding, here are some of the things to be aware of that will impact all of your project's environments:

  • Any currently-running Servd tasks (e.g. "Syncing updates", "Cloning environment") may error prematurely and leave your project in a broken state. We strongly recommend avoiding restarting your project's instances if any tasks are running, unless you believe the tasks themselves are responsible for issues that you're encountering.
  • Craft's cached data and Servd's static page caches stored in redis will be emptied, which will likely cause a surge in uncached responses and a brief deterioration in performance.
  • PHP sessions stored in redis will be cleared, causing logged-in users to be logged out.
  • Long-running database SQL queries will terminate early.
  • Queue jobs currently being performed may error out and need re-running.
  • Unfulfilled web requests may be interrupted and receive a 5XX response.

Steps #

To restart all of your's projects instance, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to your project's Troubleshooting page.

  2. Under the "Restart All Instances" section, click the "Restart Instances" button.

  3. Wait for the "Restarting all instances" task in the task bar to complete.

  4. Once completed, your project instances should have all finished restarting.