Why is Servd is slower than my old VPS server?

"I just moved my Craft project from an old VPS server over to Servd, and noticed it's running a bit slower. What's going on?"

There's plenty of project-specific reasons why this behaviour could be happening, but the one we most often see is down to the number of database queries being made.

On a traditional VPS hosting setup, usually the database is co-located alongside Craft on the same server, however on Servd that's not the case. The database is intentionally put on another server in the same datacenter to Craft, so that should one of our servers housing your project's Craft instances go down, the project can still serve traffic.

This organisation comes with the compromise of a few additional microseconds of latency to each database query. For pages that make a lot of database queries (i.e. > 50 queries per render), this will start to add up and make a difference to response times. We've found reducing the number of queries that each page executes is the best way around this issue.

To understand how many queries your project is making, you can use Craft' debug toolbar to analyse each request and understand what is triggering them. Alternatively, if you'd like to co-locate your Craft and database instances on the same server, drop us an email at and we can get your project setup with a custom plan.