Craft isn't installed yet

If you access the Craft control panel after building and deploying your project it's not unusual to see the following error message.

If you haven't run through the Craft install process or uploaded a database dump this is expected.

You can visit the normal Craft installation URL in order to begin a new install from scratch, or visit the 'Import' page in the Servd dashboard in order to upload a database dump.

It's Still Not Working #

If you've uploaded a database dump and you're still seeing this error the most likely cause is that Craft has been configured with a different database table prefix than the dump you uploaded.

The configured table prefix is defined in the DB_TABLE_PREFIX 'Environment Variable' on the 'Settings' page for the environment you're currently working with. This should be set exactly the same as it is on the system where the database dump was generated.

Be careful to make sure you include any applicable underscores too.

A common DB_TABLE_PREFIX value is craft_ but it can also be blank or set to something custom.