What's a Bundle?

Most hosting solutions are server-first. You rent a server and that becomes the focus of your workflow. Servd takes a different approach by making your application the star of the show. We do this by using the concept of bundles.

A bundle is a "package" that contains:

  • A specific version of your application, pulled from your git repo.
  • An installed vendor folder created from your composer.lock file.
  • The base software needed to run everything (PHP, Nginx, etc).
  • Some configuration which allows us to understand the files inside your git repo.
  • Any assets built by your node build step.

Once a bundle has been created it cannot be changed, but you can create as many bundles as you need.

This ensures that when you deploy a bundle to your Staging environment, it'll be identical to the same bundle deployed to Production - right down to the patch version of PHP - with zero server configuration required.

What's not in a bundle? #

A bundle does not contain:

  • Database data.
  • Assets.
  • The node_modules directory generated from the node build step.