Backup & Restore

All of your project's environments are automatically backed up on a regular basis, the frequency of which is determined by the plan to which your project is subscribed. These backups persist for 30 days.

We try to take backups during periods of low-traffic (normally in the early hours of the morning) to avoid any resulting additional database load from impacting your end users. We also run the backup scripts isolated from your project's files and resources to prevent them from interacting with each other unexpectedly.

Every backup consists of a collection of four things:

  • A database dump
  • The bundle which was deployed at the time of the backup
  • The environment's settings at the time of the backup (env. variables etc)
  • A snapshot of any assets stored on Servd's Assets Platform

You can revue all of the backups which are currently available for an environment on the Environment > Backups page in the dashboard.

Restoring Backups #

You can restore any of the backups you have access to at any time. This will roll-back your project's environment to the contents of the backup as described above.

To restore a backup:

  1. Select your project in the Servd dashboard

  2. Navigate to the Environment > Backups page for the environment which you would like to restore

  3. Find the backup which you would like to use and click the 'Restore' button

  4. The restoration process can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the size of your project and its assets.