We're Helping Youthscape to Support Young People

Posted: 25th Mar 2020

Youthscape has been serving young people since 1993 by providing support, services and research in Luton and further afield. Their new website was launched in 2019 and acts as a central portal for many of the services they offer as well as a Craft Commerce powered sales platform. Their predominantly young target audience has made their web presence an especially important part of their overall engagement strategy.

Seraph, the development agency behind the website, decided to move hosting over to Servd to avoid the pain points they'd experienced with other providers in the past.

With our previous hosting provider every deployment sparked fear. Would this push detach the domain from the app, or cause an edge case queue error? It seemed that 2-3 times a month a deployment would cause some error that meant we had to wait for support.

We needed a new hosting partner who would could help reduce the fear of deployment on a scaleable platform.

Jeff Pullinger - Technical Director

The site was migrated over to Servd in an afternoon. Once the transition was complete we worked with the team at Seraph to debug a couple of existing issues which were causing intermittent CPU spikes when the site was being edited or crawled by search engine spiders. This resulted in much more predictable response times across all pages.

During the first week of hosting with Servd, Matt gave us some key insight in to what was slowing the site down and using resources. This type of support is unbelievably helpful.

I'm looking forward to moving other sites to the platform and exploring Servd's assets and caching options. Reducing the number of different services we use makes for a simpler and cheaper process.

Jeff Pullinger - Technical Director

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