Transition Away From In-House Infrastructure

Posted: 21st May 2021 operate one of the leading online tools for SEO analysis and marketing management, supported by a a wide range of support and community content. Over the years their marketing and blog content has been a key part of their success, all powered by Craft CMS.

During 2020, Moz's internal systems underwent a significant reorganisation. This gave them the opportunity to move the responsibility for maintaining their marketing materials away from their primary DevOps team, who's main responsibility was looking after Moz's suite of online tools.

Servd was chosen to help make this happen. By migrating the hosting and DevOps for the marketing site over to us Moz were able to simplify their own infrastructure and rely on the Craft-specific knowledge and workflows which are provided out-of-the-box by Servd.

Managing our CMS platform had become an opportunity cost, taking us away from developing our core products. We decided to streamline our marketing platform and wanted to partner with a vendor who had as high a standard as we do for our own products.

Devin Ellis - Engineering Manager

The Servd platform was able to easily integrate with Moz's existing infrastructure for routing traffic and provide several additional benefits straight away which the Moz team would have otherwise had to have built in-house.

From fully managed deployments, to static site backups with automated failover, Moz's marketing team can now benefit from additional functionality and autonomy whilst simultaneously reducing the workload placed on internal infrastructure teams.

As an added bonus, average, uncached page load performance also increased by 20% as a result of moving to a Craft-optimised platform.

Servd has more than met our standards in terms of high availability, ease of use, observability, response time, and my personal favorite: flexibility. Servd has truly partnered with Moz to meet our needs in every area: taken in our feedback and requests and made improvements to accommodate us.

Devin Ellis - Engineering Manager

If maintaining your marketing platform is slowing down your DevOps team, Servd can provide a simple solution tailored to Craft CMS.