Eikhart adopt Servd for value for money and better sleep

Posted: 6th Jun 2023

Eikhart recently moved their Craft CMS web properties over to Servd. Find out why, in their own words:

Eikhart is a small Dutch B2B workplace, dedicated to SEO strategy and automation. We help clients for whom SEO is important, with leveling up and powering up their existing SEO work and results.

Our website looks like a typical B2B website: about us, products & services, cases and a blog. Not thousands upon thousands of listing and product pages, but a bunch of carefully handcrafted templates and pieces of content. That part probably looks familiar to you.

There’s another side to this website though. Because we also ‘do’ automation. So in the background, there are some processes running. Webhooks sending and receiving data. Reports for clients that are generated and accessed through the site. And of course we also like to build some ideas for ourselves. So we needed a powerful, flexible CMS and web building framework, which is why we chose Craft CMS in the first place.

We do have some requirements that are just a tad bit heavier than you would see at first when looking upon the site.

Why did we choose Servd?

We had our own VPS once. It was cool. Debian based. Apache. PHP. MySQL. We could install anything. Configure our own SSL certificates with *Let’s Encrypt* Add a bunch of websites to try some affiliate concepts. We even did some hosting once for friends’ brick & mortar stores. It was cheap and awesome …

Until it wasn’t.

At some point, you need to update CraftCMS. And the server itself. And all other software that is on your server. Or risk being hacked. An update for a piece of software that isn’t even that important to you breaks, and you need to spit out error logs looking for an answer. It happens. All. The. Time. Composer update. CHMOD. httpd.conf. OMFG.

So you’re basically wasting valuable time configuring the VPS yourself. Let alone lose sleep, because you don’t - completely - trust if any update will go right. Handling the VPS became something to be afraid of, to be honest.

Yes, a service like Servd is a bit more expensive than a basic VPS, but even if you just spend 1 hour a month configuring your own VPS, Servd is already proving its worth. It’s simple math.

Ramon Eijkemans - Eikhart

When we stumbled upon Servd, looking for a dedicated CraftCMS host, we thought: ‘Eureka!’ This takes a lot of pressure off of us. Bye bye VPS, literally.

How we used Servd

Now using Servd is quite easy. Especially if you’ve used a VPS before. You recognise all kinds of things (and then some) that are now being taken care of. Working with different environments. Assets. Redirects. SSL. Cloudflare integration. Email. It’s all already there. Configure it, and go.

We set up our project as a trial until our website was finished and putting the website live from development to production was literally done while riding in a train, going home on a Thursday evening late after a couple of beers. Usually not the best time to do this kind of stuff! But it all went well, which probably says enough about Servd :)

If you're looking for a Craft CMS host to remove the complexities of manual VPS hosting from your TODO list, Servd might be the right fit for you too!