View Application Logs

View Live Log Feeds

You can view your logs by visiting the Logs page within the Servd dashboard. This will display a live tail of the logs being generated by all of the components of your project.

Download Your Logs #

You can download a zip file containing the last 12h of your logs (up to 20,000 lines) by clicking the download button on the logs page. This will collect your logs and send them to the email address which you used to register with Servd.

When you receive your logs they will be split up into files representing the different components of your project.

A Note On Configuring Logs #

Servd inserts its own log target into Craft's configuration which ensures logs are being sent to the right place for us to collect and parse them.

In Craft 3
, if you have the CRAFT_STREAM_LOG PHP constant set to true in your index.php file this can interfere with the logging platform, potentially outputting all logs twice. To resolve this you can simply make CRAFT_STREAM_LOG dependent on the current environment:

//index.php - anywhere after require_once CRAFT_VENDOR_PATH . '/autoload.php';
define('CRAFT_STREAM_LOG', getenv('ENVIRONMENT') == 'dev');

Craft 4 projects shouldn't need to make any changes related to this.

Send Logs To An External Platform #

You can send your logs in real time to either Papertrail or Datadog which allows you to keep a copy of them in an external location for as long as you need. These integrations also allow you to make use of the additional functionality provided by these platforms, such as free text search and alerting based on log contents.

To enable one of these integrations for your project, simply add the appropriate connection details to the settings below the log feed on the Logs page in the Servd dashboard.