Servd knows what matters to Craft CMS freelancers

We've been them, we've worked with them. We know the challenges freelancers face. Simplify your Craft CMS hosting and focus on providing direct, billable value to your clients.

"Servd is unequivocally the best hosting service I have ever used."

Mark Croxton - Hallmark Design

Why should freelancers choose Servd?

From saving your valuable time, to making sure you aren't on the hook for things that might crop up, Servd is on your side.

Save Time

Stop wasting time configuring servers

Push changes to your git repo and we'll do the rest.

Your time == your money, so don't waste it on setting up servers. Spend it on building great sites for your clients instead.

Boost Speed

Client not happy with performance?

Servd provides built-in tools and easy configuration for static caching, Redis and database optimisations with zero dev-ops knowledge needed.

We do the hard work, you impress your clients.

Avoid Risk

Don't be on the hook for billing

Reselling hosting isn't for everyone, so pass the responsibility for paying over to your client when you're ready.

Servd makes sure you don't need to pay your client's bills. With built-in project transfer functionality, and client-friendly onboarding flows, there's no need for you to coach clients through the setup process.

You're in good company

"What I ❤️ about Servd is that you get a provisioned server, a deployment system, an image transform service, an automatic load balancing system, a static caching layer & more - all wrapped up into one nice 📦"

Andrew Welch - nystudio107

"Honestly, deployments are less stressful because of Servd's bundle approach and knowing all of my DevOps are in one place."

Scot Mortimer

"Thanks for making such a solid platform, I can't imagine having to manage all of this myself. 😃"

John Wells - One Darnley Road

"The number one reason why Servd is an attractive hosting platform is that they understand Craft inside and out."

Jasper Kooij - Blend

"Everybody who works with Craft needs to know about Servd! About 90% of my DevOps burden has evaporated since switching over."

Jake Cleveland - Darwin Software

"Servd is unequivocally the best hosting service I have ever used."

Mark Croxton - Hallmark Design

Not Just a VPS

Not all hosting is created equal. Servd provides everything you need to get your Craft CMS projects up and running.

Managed Deployments

Push your changes over git and we'll do the rest. Cloning your repo, compiling your front-end assets, downloading composer packages, running atomic deployments. We take care of it all.

Atomic deployments

Off-server asset compilation

Managed composer installs

The Servd Asset Platform

Don't let a client's huge PNG file bring down your site. Servd's Asset Platform is included with all projects and provides an off-server asset storage, transform and optimisation service with minimal config required.

CDN-enabled asset storage

Off-server image transforms

Clone assets between environments

Flexible Billing and Access Controls

Sometimes it's you paying for a project, other times it's your client. Servd includes all of the tools you need to manage billing and project access.

Transfer projects between teams

Manage per-user project access

Dedicated, client-friendly onboarding flows

And The Kitchen Sink

Server hosting isn't the only thing you need before hand-over. We've taken the time to think about all of the extra services you might need, and integrated them with the Servd platform.

ElasticEmail SMTP integration for sending emails

Managed log exports to Papertrail and Datadog

CloudFlare integration for managed DNS

Want to find out more?

Get started with a free trial and explore the Servd platform, or send us a message and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have. We're looking forward to getting your Craft project up and running!