Servd Affiliates

Sharing is caring. And earns you 💰

We truly believe that Servd offers a practical, hassle-free solution to the ongoing struggles that Craft CMS developers and agencies have with the setup and maintenance of their servers and infrastructure.

But we can't share this solution with the world unless they've heard of it and trust it. That's where you come in.

We're currently rolling out our new affiliate platform - a system which will allow you to benefit from your reach within the Craft CMS community.

Three Simple Steps

  1. You share your referral links wherever you like. (But don't try to trick people, play nice)
  2. Any projects created within 30 days of a user clicking your link will be associated with you.
  3. You earn the first month's paid subscription for those projects, no matter how much it is. $30 - $2,000+.

How You Benefit

We didn't want to go the route of some other affiliate programs and provide 'additional subscription days' or some other service-related reward for our affiliate scheme. That doesn't really reflect the huge benefit you can bring to our platform.

So we decided to share the subscription revenue directly. If you refer customers to us, you deserve it!

We also decided to keep the sharing model simple. You will earn any project's first month's subscription fee - no matter how much that is. Larger projects will sign up for larger plans and therefore your commission will also be larger. We think that's fair.

How We Benefit

Every user that you reach with your referral links is a potential new customer for us. Not only is that great for securing the future of our platform via additional revenue, but it also helps to spread our brand and beliefs into communities that we might not have access to, or have even thought about approaching!

Every link shared by you also builds trust in our brand and platform. Your followers look to you for recommendations and solid advice, so if you choose to share Servd with them, they're more likely to take the plunge and find out why we can make such a positive difference to their Craft CMS hosting experience.

How Customers Benefit

Everything we do is intended to make the lives of Craft CMS developers and agencies easier.

By providing a purpose built hosting platform, which provides all the Craft best practices and automatically handles the things that can go wrong, we hope to remove the guesswork and days of debugging that often go into creating and fixing manually provisioned servers.

Ultimately we want to save our customers time and money, but to do so we need them to try out our platform and trust that it lives up to the hype. Your honest recommendation of Servd can help customers build that trust and begin to unlock the potential benefits of our platform.

Getting Started

Our affiliate system is currently being tested by a select group of Craft CMS advocates. Want to become one of them? Just drop an email to [email protected] with a little info about where you'd like to promote Servd and we'll get you set up in a jiffy.