Servd DNS

Servd has partnered with to provide DNS hosting services available to all projects hosted with us! This allows you to manage your domains' DNS records from directly within the Servd dashboard or allow Servd to auto-configure them for you.

Adding Domains to Servd DNS #

The first step is to 'Activate' any registered domains that you'd like to use with your Servd project.

  1. Visit the Project Settings > Domains page in the Servd dashboard.

  2. Add any domains that you would like to associate with your project in the Domains panel.

  3. Once done, your 'registered' domains should automatically display in the Servd DNS panel. Click 'Activate' next to any that you'd like to host on Servd's DNS platform.

  4. If your domain already exists on another DNS provider, we'll try to import any common DNS records. Unfortunately there's no way to scan for all records, but we'll find as many as possible!

Managing DNS Records #

Once a domain has been activated, you can manage its DNS records by clicking the 'Manage' button. This will open a list of existing DNS records which you can make changes to as required.

Immediately after a domain has been 'Activated' you should check this list to ensure all require records have been copied over and, if not, add any that are missing.

Switching Your Domain's Name Servers #

The DNS provider that is used for a specific domain is determined by the domain's elected 'nameservers'. You can update these from the site which was originally used to purchase your domain name. Each site has a slightly different way of updating your domain's nameservers, but you should be able to search their documentation for 'nameservers' to find some instructions.

Once you've found where to change your domain's nameservers, set them to:

Once that change has been made, Servd DNS will become the home for all of the domain's DNS records, however it can take up to 24h for nameserver changes to propagate around the world. During that time, user could be using both the old and new DNS providers simultaneously, so bear that in mind when making updates to your DNS records.

DNS Record Types #

The types of records that are available all standard DNS record types with the exception of one which we've called the 'Servd' record type. This record only requires a 'name' and no value and will cause the apex domain or subdomain that it is associated with to route traffic through to the Servd platform. You can think of it as a pre-configured alternative to an A or CNAME record.

Update DNS For Servd #

The 'Update DNS For Servd' button will check which domains you have added to the Domains panel and then update your DNS records to set those domains to route to the Servd platform. You can use this button as a shortcut to update your DNS records appropriately whenever you make changes to your associated Domains.

No records will be altered except those strictly necessary for routing traffic to our platform for the Domains that you have specified - no MX or TXT records will be touched.

Using a single registered domain on multiple projects #

An individual 'registered' domain can only be linked to a single project on Servd, but you might want to use multiple subdomains of a registered domain for different Servd projects.

In this scenario, when you click the 'Activate' button next to the registered domain on the second project you'll receive an error stating that the domain is already in use by another project.

To work around this you can choose one of the projects to be the home for all of the domain's DNS records. If one of the projects will be using the apex/naked domain, then that should be the one that the DNS is managed in.

You can then use the 'Servd' record type for any domains that belong to the project that the DNS has been activated in. For any other projects using the same registered domain, you can follow the instructions for setting up records in an External DNS Provider, but just add the CNAME records to the first project's DNS settings.