Private Beta

Servd is currently in a private Beta period in which we'll be testing out the platform whilst we get the first few users acquainted with how it works.

If you want to give it a go, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The platform is ready to run projects (it already hosts several production sites).
  • Billing is active, so you can upgrade your projects to paid plans.
  • There might be occasional, short periods of downtime when we make large updates to infrastructure or something unexpected happens during testing. We obviously aim to keep these to a minimum and don't anticipate they'll last long (alarms will start going off). Any anticipated downtime will be communicated via email in advance. Loss of database data is extremely unlikely (off-node, triple replicated) but there's a reason we take regular backups. 😉
  • Pricing might change (up or down) after the Private Beta ends. If prices fall, any already subscribed projects will also be reduced in price. In the unlikely event that prices increase we will do everything we can to keep any already subscribed projects at their existing price, however this can't be 100% guaranteed - we'll let you know before we do anything though.
  • Features are still being built so it's likely the way you interact with Servd will change over time. Expect to see new things on a regular basis and occasionally existing features will change too.
  • There will be bugs. The platform has been built to a modular design ensuring isolation between different elements - this means that most bugs are unlikely to impact on any projects that you've already deployed. Bugs will always be fixed as a priority, especially if they risk degradation of project performance/availability.
  • Support is yet to be formalised, but we aim to reply to any messages within 12 hours. If you contact us using Live Chat there's a good chance we'll get back to you straight away.