Limitations on Video Files

The Asset Platform allows you to upload any type of file for storage, however most video file formats are not able to be streamed directly from the asset platform due to the disproportionate amount of bandwidth which they consume. This allows us to keep our pricing for Servd as a whole at a fixed level, rather than billing on a metered basis based on the bandwidth consumed by a project's assets.

If you do try to stream a video from the asset platform you will receive the error: videos_are_not_allowed.

The specific files which currently cannot be streamed from the asset platform are:

  • mp4
  • webm
  • mov
  • mp2
  • mpg
  • mpeg
  • ogv
  • avi
  • wmv
  • flv
  • swf
  • m4v

We're currently working on an improved solution to hosting video files.


There are a couple of options which will allow you to still make use of videos within your project.

  1. Include any static videos as static assets within your git repo. This will allow the videos to be streamed directly from the project's web root and any bandwidth consumed will fall under Servd's Fair Use Policy for bandwidth use which only comes into effect if the level of bandwidth used becomes a problem for the platform as a whole.
  2. Add an additional Craft Asset Volume to your project, using any cloud object storage solution supported by Craft. E.G. AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Digital Ocean Spaces etc. This additional asset volume can exist alongside any Servd asset volumes without causing any problems. Once added you can update your Craft Fields for any video assets to use this volume exclusively.