Global Accelerator CDN

Servd has partnered with to provide a global CDN for all Servd projects to accelerate and protect your Craft projects.

Features #

The Global Accelerator CDN provides projects with the follow benefits:

  • Global CDN edge caching of static assets
  • Integration with Servd's Static Cache to provide CDN edge full page caching (coming soon!)
  • Accelerated global network transit for any traffic which has a long journey
  • Pro-active DDoS mitigation - we can monitor and defend against in-progress attacks for you
  • Significantly faster SSL handshakes

Using the CDN #

All new Servd projects will use the Global Accelerator CDN when configured as described in our DNS setup guidelines in the Servd Dashboard.

There's no additional setup required and the CDN works transparently behind the scenes, so no need to worry about getting anything configured correctly.

Existing projects on Servd can upgrade to use the Global Accelerator CDN whenever they're ready, by simply hitting the Upgrade button on the Project Settings > Domains page in the Servd dashboard. There's some info below on how to prepare for this and what you'll need to do.

Important CDN Setup Information #

Although the CDN works in the background transparently, it does have one important limitation: You cannot point a DNS A record towards it (yet, we're working on a solution).

This means you'll need to use CNAME or ANAME DNS records as described in the DNS setup instructions in the Servd dashboard.

If your DNS provider does not support apex ANAME/ALIAS/CNAME records, and you can't change DNS provider, and you need to use your apex domain as the project's 'primary' domain (it won't be redirecting to www.) then you will not be able to use our Global Accelerator CDN. Please reach out to us via live chat or our support portal so that we can discuss alternatives.

Upgrading an Existing Project #

Any project on Servd which is using our legacy ingress system can upgrade to the Global Accelerator CDN at any point. This requires a small number of steps:

  1. Read the Important CDN Setup Information section above and check if you are currently using an apex domain on your project that is not redirecting to a subdomain. If so, check if your DNS provider supports apex ANAME/ALIAS/CNAME records.

  2. In the Servd dashboard, on the Project Settings > Domains page, click the Upgrade button in the Global Accelerator CDN panel. This will switch your project over to the new platform, but won't apply any changes immediately.

  3. Update your DNS records as instructed on the newly updated Domains page. If you'd like to switch over to use Servd DNS as your DNS provider, you can follow the information provided here.

  4. Once your DNS records have been updated, click the 'Check DNS' buttons next to each domain in the Domains panel that was previously using Servd's auto generated Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. This should re-enable SSL for each of them.

  5. Run a Sync in the Servd dashboard to finish the migration over to the CDN. There will be a couple of minutes of intermittent connectivity for the project as the DNS changes propagate.

  6. Once the sync has completed and the DNS changes have propagated, your site will be using the CDN and benefiting from improved caching, routing and DDoS protection.

If you have any concerns about this process, or start it but need to back out because of a problem - let us know! No changes are made to your project's configuration until a Sync is executed after the upgrade has been applied.