Beta Period

Servd is currently in a Beta period in which we'll be refining the platform and ensuring everything is on point.

During this period there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The platform is ready to run production projects.
  • Billing is active, so you can upgrade your projects to paid plans.
  • Downtime is very unlikely but short periods might be required if any significant infrastructure changes are required in order to fix any newly discovered bugs.
  • Features are still being built so it's likely the way you interact with Servd will change over time. Expect to see new things on a regular basis and occasionally existing features will change too.
  • There might still be a few remaining bugs. The platform has been built to a modular design ensuring isolation between different elements - this means that most bugs are unlikely to impact on any projects that you've already deployed. Bugs will always be fixed as a priority, especially if they risk degradation of project performance/availability.
  • Support is yet to be formalised, but we aim to reply to any messages within 12 hours. If you contact us using Live Chat there's a good chance we'll get back to you straight away.